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ESD1002 直流平移门机-01
ESD1002 直流平移门机-02
ESD1002 直流平移门机-03
ESD1002 直流平移门机-01
ESD1002 直流平移门机-02
ESD1002 直流平移门机-03

ESD1002 DC sliding door opener

1. Soft start and stop 2. Automatic door closing function 3. Can be connected with photoelectric switch, airbag safety protection 4. Obstacle detection and automatic rebound function 5. Trailing function 6. Comes with LED warning light, convenient and beautiful 7. Comes with spare battery
Product description
1. Input power: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
2. Transformer power: 100VA
3. Motor power: 100W/DC24V
4. Limit mode: magnetic reed switch limit
5. Display mode: digital menu display
6. Illumination warning light: LED light
7. Strength Level: Level 9
8. Running speed: 16cm/s
9. Maximum weight of door: 500kg
10. Working frequency and modulation mode of remote control: 433.92MHz (ASK)
11. Remote control encoding type: rolling code
12. Backup battery: 12V/4Ah


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