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Privacy agreement for Elife app

Privacy agreement for Elife app

It is inconvenient to carry the remote control of the sliding door in my home, and it is easy to misuse or lose it. Is there any other way?

You can install a set of card swiping device to give some cards to the person who has the right to enter and exit. Every time you enter the door, just swipe the card, and the door will automatically open. If you feel that the card is also a burden, you may wish to set a password, so that you do n’t need to take anything with you. Press the password door before entering the door to open it; to prevent the password from being stolen, you can change the password setting at any time.

Can I change the existing iron (stainless steel) sliding door to electric?

Of course, on the original basis, as long as the rack and door opener are installed and the power is turned on, it is very simple.

Can the door opener of your manufacturer be repaired?

Yes, the basic principles and system configuration of the sliding door opener are generally the same; whether it is imported or domestic, regardless of the appearance and shape, we can provide maintenance services and accessories supply. The maintenance content includes: drive motor, controller, remote control and the function expansion device that has been handled.

How does your after-sales service work?

Our door opener will provide free door-to-door service with the purchase procedures and warranty card within one year from the date of sale (see the card for warranty content); after the warranty period, we will continue to provide services (paid). Yes. The scope of maintenance includes: drive mechanism, drive motor, controller, remote control and extended equipment functions.

What are the comparative advantages of sliding doors and other types of electric doors?

Compared with the telescopic door and the flat door, the sliding door has fewer moving parts and a simple structure, but the selection of materials for the shape and material is very wide. In terms of reliability, safety, wind resistance, service life, etc., there are other irreplaceable characteristics. Due to the simple structure of the sliding door, the probability of failure is relatively small. In European and American countries, enterprise units, government departments and families choose sliding doors and flat doors; electric retractable doors are naturally rejected because of their complicated structure, high failure rate, and poor safety performance. In fact, our door opener control system has many extended functions, including automatic door closing and anti-pinch function
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