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Common machine faults

Common machine faults

2019-12-16 10:08
Failure and repair methods
Fault phenomenon possible reason Solution
The door cannot move No power, no power Turn on the power
Blocked door Remove obstacles
Blown fuse Replace with new
Door imbalance Keep the door balanced
The door will rebound automatically without encountering resistance Improper adjustment of door rebound sensitivity Readjust the rebound sensitivity
The drive unit can be controlled, but the remote control cannot The remote control indicator does not light Low battery or open circuit
The remote control has not been coded Recode
The antenna on the drive unit is wrapped Extend the antenna
Dead battery Replacement battery
The door cannot be completely closed or opened Run away Reset itinerary
Courtesy light does not work The lamp burned out Replace with new
The remote control is close The remote control or high frequency board is broken Replace with new
The machine is loud There is a problem with the motor Replace the motor
The machine is noisy Motor noise Replace the motor
Iron gear and large gear disc friction Replace iron gear



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