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How to use the remote controller?

How to use the remote controller?

2019-12-16 10:04

  The copy remote controller is also called self-learning remote controller or universal remote controller. It is very simple to use and does not require much expertise. As long as the operating frequency is the same, the copied remote control chip can be copied. You can quickly copy various fixed codes and learning codes remote control. In just a few steps, you can integrate two or more remote controls into one remote control host. The copy remote controller can copy most of the wireless remote controllers on the market.

  Do not release the lock key of the copy remote control with your right hand. The LED light of the remote control will go out after 8 seconds (the right hand cannot be released at this time. Take the original remote control in your left hand and keep it as close as possible to the copy remote control (you can change a few of them, such as head pair Head or back to back), press and hold the original remote control door open key, wait until the copy remote control light flashes from slow to fast, the code is successful. (Only need to copy a button, other buttons automatically copy successfully).


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