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What are the tips for installation of swing door machine

What are the tips for installation of swing door machine

2019-11-12 16:50

  What are the tips for installation of swing door machine

  1. Chassis installation

  Generally, the size of the underground swing door motor is about 490 * 260 * 159MM. Before installing the buried swing door motor, you need to dig a larger pit at the installation location. Use concrete around the pit Fill it in. When installing the cabinet, you need to ensure that the embedded position of the cabinet is horizontal, the axis of the cabinet and the axis of the door on the door are kept in a straight line, and the bottom of the cabinet must be drained. A 25 PVC pipe can be used as a drain pipe. If there are two left and right doors, you need to ensure that the surface positions of the two left and right cabinets are on the same horizontal plane to ensure that the two doors are on the same horizontal line when installing the door. The chassis is embedded with concrete, which must be firm and hard.

  2. Installation of connection between chassis and door

  When installing the buried machine, the motor should avoid welding to the door as much as possible to avoid troubles in future maintenance. Normally, a door tray needs to be made. Put the door on the door tray, and then fix the door tray to the motor. Different doors will have different thicknesses. When the underground motor case is connected to the connection of the door, a U-shaped slot with a length of about 50MM needs to be made first. The width of the U-shaped slot is the same as the width of the door. Its upper notch is connected to the door body, and a shaft sleeve is welded to the lower end to connect with the spline on the chassis. When welding the sleeve and the U-shaped channel steel, the welded channel steel of the sleeve should be centered, and the welding is required to be firm, beautiful, strong and cannot be welded in vain.

  3. Installation of wrought iron door

  For the general wrought iron gate, we need to install a door shaft above the door body, and the shaft sleeve of the cabinet is used as another door shaft of the door body, and the two shafts are on the same vertical line, so that the iron gate can be opened. After the door body is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the door body runs smoothly and opens flexibly, and there must be no obstacles within the door body's operating range.

  4. Host installation

  After the chassis is installed, the host can be installed. When the machine is shipped from the factory, the host is generally set to a half-open state. Therefore, when installing the motor host, first open the door to the half-open state (45 degrees), and then put the host into the chassis. Only when the anastomosis is done, the fixing bolt can be tightened.

  Operation and principle of swing door machine

  Operation process: Trigger signal from control equipment-control electric lock unlocking-machine door opening-door opening to 90 degrees-buffer stop door-door opening hold-door closing-door closing buffer-control electric lock door locking

  Principle: Through the single-chip microcomputer and integrated circuit identification signal, the motor is controlled to drive the mechanical transmission part to open or close the door;


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