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What do I need to pay attention to when installing the door shifter?

What do I need to pay attention to when installing the door shifter?

2019-11-12 16:48

  Precautions for installation of panning door machine

    1. It is only allowed to be used with safety awareness and danger awareness in accordance with the product manual as long as the technology is intact.

    2. The door cannot be installed on the slope, and there must be a certain safe distance between the door and other objects.

    3. To prevent the effects of freezing in winter, the running track must be installed in a well-drained place.

    4. Make sure that the door body can slide smoothly on the track, otherwise it will cause failure to open or close the door.

    5. At the maximum door opening position and door closing position of the door, a limit device for the translation door opener must be installed, otherwise the door may break away from the track in an emergency unlocking state.

    6. The door body must be stable and resistant to twisting, that is, it is not allowed to swing, bend or deform when opening or closing.

    7. The door shifter can't compensate the defects of the door itself or the wrong installation of the door.

    8. Make sure that the sliding door machine is installed on a firm foundation.

    9. There should be a 2--3mm gap between the output gear of the door shifter and the walking rack on the door body.

    10. Before using the panning door machine, be sure to release any locking devices (such as electronic locks, door latches, etc.) on the door body.

    11. The cable sleeve must be installed. If the button is used to control the opening / closing of the door, the minimum height of the button installation from the ground should be 1.6 meters to prevent misoperation by children.


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