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Garage door electromechanical controller

Garage door electromechanical controller

2019-11-12 16:45

  Garage door electromechanical controller

  Used for spring, balance flap type and section plate combined garage door


  It can be used for spring-type or section-slab combination garage doors; plus an adapter, it can also be used for balanced flat-top garage doors. Installation of this automatic system does not require any adjustment to the existing structure.

  Simple and fast installation

  Compact size: 360 × 200 × 120mm

  Pre-installed guide rails (chain or belt, gears are pre-installed), the tension has been adjusted. No tools are required for installation using the quick connection.

  Easy operation

  A simple "set-up" can store the limited travel and deceleration device. After initialization, the system will automatically and correctly operate without further adjustment. For the anti-collision device, during the installation, different strengths are used to push the door to try to open, and the door is maintained at a small opening degree through different adjustments. In the closed state, this device can prevent the opening and reverse movement of the door, comply with EN12450-EN12445, no need to install a safety edge.

  Electronic speed control

  At the beginning of opening / closing the door, the electronic control device gradually accelerates the controller (soft start); at the end of the opening / closing action, the electronic control device gradually decelerates the controller (soft stop), thereby protecting the door from being caused Damage or noise caused by mechanical in place.

  Novel electronic control device

  The transformer and the motor have been pre-connected to the terminals. No screwdriver is needed for the quick connection on the terminal. XF 433 / XF 868 and emergency battery all use quick connection.

  The connection cable is equipped with standard plugs. The electric control board is protected by a plastic cover to prevent accidents.

  Anti-intrusion, non-reverse function

  The anti-intrusion protection is guaranteed by the non-reverse gear motor, so there is no need to install an electronic lock or latch; during a power outage, the "bi-stable device" can be activated from the inside, so that manual operation can be achieved, and the automatic control system can be prevented from inadvertently and spontaneously replying; Using suitable accessories, the garage door can be opened from the outside with a customized key or door handle.


  Built-in composite code encoder: DS encoder (with micro switch), LC (rolling code) and SLH (code skipping), with self-learning function

  2-channel integrated encoder: the function of full opening and partial opening can be realized through wireless remote control


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