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Function and installation of swing door machine

Function and installation of swing door machine

2019-11-12 16:38

  The swing door machine is suitable for various public places such as villas, communities, office buildings, etc. The advantages and instructions for the swing door machine are briefly introduced.

  1. The structure is compact, the starting torque is large, and the thrust is large-the gate of -3 meters wide and a single fan of 300 kg can be easily opened and closed.

  2. Convenient installation --- ordinary electricians can easily install according to the manual without experience.

  3. Beautiful appearance, simple structure, complete functions, economical and practical --- remote control door opening and closing, self-stop in case of resistance, overheating and overtime protection, etc.

  4. The working method is reasonable, and the failure rate is extremely low. So far, tens of thousands of users in China have a very low repair rate.

  5. Electric or manual, it's all up to the user. When the power is off, the special clutch key can be used to switch to manual state.


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