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Roadside parking artifact, wireless geomagnetic sensor

Roadside parking artifact, wireless geomagnetic sensor

2019-11-12 16:32

  With the increasing difficulty of parking, on-street parking has become a very common way of parking outside the limited fixed parking lot. The early way was controlled by the ground sense coil. Now, a new type of roadside is ushered in Parking artifact-wireless geomagnetic sensor, so what are the advantages of wireless geomagnetic sensor?

  The working principle of the geomagnetic sensor is that when the driver parks the vehicle in the parking space, the "geomagnetic sensor" will automatically sense the parking time of the vehicle and transmit the time to the relay station for billing, and the citizens can pay their own fees. At the same time, the camera function of the device is used to take pictures of vehicles that do not pay fees, and the information of these vehicles is entered into the relevant website, and certain measures are taken for vehicles that evade fees.

  Advantages of geomagnetic sensors

  1. Installation is simple and easy, and maintenance is convenient: the wireless geomagnetic sensor does not need to be drilled and buried, but is directly adhered to the ground surface, avoiding damage to the ground, while greatly reducing the difficulty of construction, shortening the construction period, and saving The installation cost allows the equipment to be put into use quickly and effectively.

  2. Easy to master and easy to manage: For users, the wireless geomagnetic sensor is not only low-cost, but also simple to operate, easy to master, easy to manage, long-lived and generally requires no maintenance.

  3. Flexible installation location: applicable to any road surface, free from interference by nearby ferromagnetic objects, and small installation size.

  4. Strong anti-interference ability: The geomagnetic detection technology is not interfered by external electromagnetic waves. It can also be used normally in thunderstorm days, and it has excellent waterproof performance and can work around the clock.

  The above are the application advantages of geomagnetic sensors. Compared with geomagnetic coils, wireless geomagnetic sensors have extremely high sensitivity to detect vehicles. Through careful observation of magnetic field changes, vehicle recognition performance is superior, and the accuracy of data collection can be guaranteed to the greatest extent .


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